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We create custom independent private label brands to specific brand owner requirements.  We work with brand owners from all over the world including large retailers through to individuals and those just starting out.


With our expertise, knowledge and experience, we help evolve ideas and create products that are world class and relevant to your intended market, giving you every chance of success.  Our service is independent of any manufacturer and supplier and we work for the benefit of our brand owners as their expert product development and manufacturing provider.  This is a professional service we provide through our expert product specialists for brand owners that are serious about developing their products.  Naturally, like any other professional service you may engage, we will need an outline of your idea so we can advise the costs of working with you.       


Whilst there are many examples of products we create across many categories that can be seen on our web, with us each is created individually.  There is no list of ready shelf products to sell, each product is unique and exclusive to the brand and no two products are identical.  The cost of any product depends on the particular specification for that product.   


We work with brand owners to select all components required for their product from some of the best suppliers in the world and we bring all these components together to then create and produce your product.  Ready for you to sell.     


So with us, unlike manufacturers our interest is not to sell you as much as possible of any existing product we may have.  Our interest is to ensure you get the best product, created right for your market, to get you the best and most competitive solution from wherever that may be, so you have every chance of success.   

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A range of Specialist Services that include:-

  • Product Concept Development & Design.

  • Specification & Costings.  

  • Technical Development.

  • Recipe Formulation & Sampling.

  • Branding, Labelling & Custom Packaging. 

  • Production & Manufacturing. 

Creating Brands.



Specialists working with You to develop 

your Brand. Focused on your interests. 

To create the best product & budget for you. 



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