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We specialise in developing independent private label food & beverage products and brands including nutraceuticals for customers all over the world.  This includes national and international retailers, importers, distributors, wholesalers and supermarkets. 

We also work substantially with private entrepreneurial individuals including those starting out wanting to establish their own brand.  We offer a complete product development and design capability.

In product development, our focus is on creating products and brands properly.  We work with you to get this critical aspect as best as can be to help ensure your product has purpose, can be unique, and appeal to its target and intended markets.  These are essential elements for any product to succeed. 


We develop and design a complete product specification covering all aspects ready for manufacture.  Everything from formulation, packaging and branding the key components of product quality and cost.  A properly developed specification places brand owners in control of manufacturing and allows you to determine costs and direction through custom product design. 

Our business has always been substantially internationally focused servicing customers from the UK and Europe, the USA, mid East and Australasia. Our service focus is to develop unique Brands and Products for that can provide our customers maximum advantage in the market place. We have a range of specialist skills relevant to the markets our customers operate in, so we can service any requirement.  


From concept to completion if you have an idea for a product and would like to explore the possibilities, we can make it all happen for you.

Welcome to DBL Brands.   We are a team of expert independent specialists with a long history in food and beverage private label product development, brand and label design, technical recipe and formulation, manufacturing and contract production, new brand start ups, product promotion and sales and marketing. 

Our people have been at the forefront of innovation in private label food and beverage product developments.  In beverage for both alcoholic and non alcoholic that include premium spirits and complex vitamin, herb and specialty functional products.  In food for snack and ready to eat products with a focus on healthy option whole foods, organic and enhanced specialty foods.  And more recently we have extended to nutraceutical products including health, wellness and sport supplements with a strong focus on organic and natural ingredients.


Our businesses have included the consolidated product development and production operations including the contract manufacturing services of Eurolatt in Europe, the UK, Singapore & Australia, Soft CBC in Malaysia, King Beverage in the USA, Boilers Brands Australia, Distillery Brands London and Alfatech Foods in Ireland, Europe, Mid East & Australia. 


Today we provide stand alone professional food and beverage product and brand development services for brand owners, independent of any factory.  We provide the same expert services and solutions for our customers, with the added advantage we can then source manufacturing services independently from any factory in the world, opening up far more choice and competitive solutions for customers.   And when it comes to manufacturing, we have expert knowledge and established relationships and connections with some of the best independent manufacturers from around the world.  So our customers get global solutions, increased competitiveness, better prices, the opportunity to own their formulations, the benefit our purchasing power and far better solutions.   

Our process places brand owners in control and provides an ability to select from a range of contract manufacturers around the world, helping to ensure the best price possible is achieved. 


With us, you are not be limited to the choices of any one producer.  And when it comes to production, we have manufacturers that are some of the best independent producers globally including in Europe, the UK, the USA & North & South America, Asia and Australia.  We can provide you a selection of manufacturing choices to bid competitively for your work. 


And because we can create custom private label products, these can be designed to reduce production costs and meet specific budgets wherever possible, saving you money, allowing you to determine the product cost.  We offer our customers the best products and production solutions for their brands, wherever these may be in the world. 

We offer specialist flavourists and food scientists as well as product and label designers that can provide some excellent solutions for any market.  Our Commercial expertise allows you to achieve practical solutions for packaging including custom packaging forms and to source all ingredients.  


We provide you a finished product and can give you the best of international manufacturing options with global solutions including logistics delivered to your door.  From your start up we have the expertise to provide you with scale and the benefits of a global entity and much more.  Advantages that you simply can not achieve on your own.   

Placing you in Control.



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Getting you to Market.

Beyond product development, design and production, our specialised services extend to provide both essential and comprehensive product marketing services to help launch and establish your brand in the market.  This includes digital and social media, establishment of social pages, SEO, product web development services, print, traditional and cross media marketing, product launch, content writing solutions and much more to help get you moving sooner. 


Our sales and marketing experts can do the sales work for you.  We have the technical and commercial expertise to provide a complete service creating the product and providing market release strategy and implementation.  Our Go to Market product launch, market penetration and sales service can help you select and seek to develop product distribution and sales to find and sell to importers, wholesalers, distributors local and international world wide. 

And for Entrepreneurs starting up, we have a cost effect service that provides an Essential Product Concept Package to help you test your idea with investors, financiers and potential distributors and customers.         

For more information on any of our services please see our Services section on this website, or if you have an idea you would like to explore, simply contact us, we would love to hear from you.  

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